Malaysia – Defeat Manglish!

Oh My English!

Oh My English!

If you are not a native speaker it is easy to make mistakes in any language. Now I am sure Members of Parliament would prefer Caesar salad to “scissors” in their salads. However, this is but one of many public displays of poor English, whether on public notices or in print, from signs a few words long to a Ph.D. thesis or a speech by a principal or CEO.

Tom Frederick has lived and worked in Malaysia in a professional environment for almost five years. He has assisted senior Royal Malaysian Naval Officers with speeches and postgraduate dissertations.  Now he wants to help all Malaysians to avoid public embarrassment by correcting their English before it sees the light of day.

Some Malaysians say but “Lah, everyone understands Manglish!” Foreigners though just see amateurism and often sadly will laugh at Malaysia’s ignorance.

If you would like your efforts in English corrected and amended please send a draft of your work to for an estimate of the cost. Once agreed and the fee is received into my Malaysian bank account you will see the difference a professional can make to your words and receive the admiration of your colleagues and business customers.

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  1. Kamarul Hainizam says:

    Good job

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