Saturday 10th December: A week has flown by but I have been hampered by a bug picked up I fear, on an aeroplane. What an unhealthy environment unless you are a germ wishing to be recycled that is. I was thinking about genes in the shower – not whether I can get into my jeans – but whether there is an idealism gene. Young people often seem so idealistic but live as though in a fantasy world that owes them a living with no . In this world if you set up a tent in the grounds of a metropolitan cathedral you will somehow change the world – not! It seems though that idealism for most declines with age until the older generations are so wound up with keeping their heads above water that they have no energy to be idealists any longer. A very few idealogues become effective idealists and fewer still have staying power during a lifetime. Those that do I suspect have also inherited a power gene.

Saturday 3rd December: It is already entering the season to be jolly and annual issues like is it ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’; should I put the lights up yet or wait a little longer; what to buy the woman who has everything, come to the fore. Puerile and ineffective anti-alcohol adverts are already appearing on our Aussie  screens and Jeremy Clarkson clips, shown entirely out of context (yes I have seen the whole thing) urge that UK public service strikers be put to death in front of their children and 25,000 humourless citizens complain to the BBC who agreed the jokes in the first place.

Presumably the executions should take place while said strikers are replete on the sofa, post Christmas Turkey/ham and trimmings, full of joy to all men and Jeremys or at least full of a drop or two of Moet/Newcastle Brown and unable to operate the TV remote control to turn off the Top Gear Christmas special. So, ready to be culled and as docile as female elephant seal, Jeremy’s SASF (special anti-striker force) will despatch the less than 50% that turned out to strike of the less than  50% that turned out to vote with a double tap to the head in front of their little darlings and with a David Attenborough voiceover. The kids will only notice hours later that something is missing when they pause from their Christmas presents to wonder why the turkey sandwiches haven’t been handed to them on a plate and notice the slightly unpleasant whiff of daddy’s evacuated bowels. Bah Humbug!

Friday 2nd December: How many Ugg boot spammers can the world hold? Judging from the number I see we must be approaching the seven billion mark – Uggh!

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